Absolute craziness

This past Saturday, we ventured over to Seomun Market.  It’s this massive open market with over 4,000 shops (whoa).  It’s one of the largest markets in Korea, as well as one of the oldest.  In short, it’s absolute chaos.

The market is divided into certain sections.  An area for fruits and vegetables stands, an area for clothes, an area for fabrics, an area for blankets, an area for belts, even an area specifically for socks.  The list goes on and on and on.

The walkways are narrow and jam packed with people.  Inside the many buildings within the market, items are stacked up super high and every inch is covered with something.  People bumping into you (and vice-versa) is standard operating procedure.  Scooters somehow manage to navigate the narrow streets and thus far, I haven’t yet witnessed any scooter/pedestrian incidents (how this is possible…I’m not sure).


Seomun market is where you go to basically get anything you need and don’t need.  If you can speak Korean – I’m sure you can bargain and get some good deals.  Although we didn’t see it for ourselves, this market apparently has dogs…for sale…for eating.  Of course, there’s also the other plethora of meats and seafood available if dog doesn’t quite suit you.


We didn’t have the time or energy to explore the entire market, but we did come out with a few useful items.  1. Socks (for me) 2. Scarves (for me) 3. Gloves (for me) 4. Warm black tights (for me)  Hmmm?  Sensing a pattern? And oh yeah…5. a thick mattress pad for our bed…for Micah AND me! 🙂

Our friend Yumi came with us too and she got a mattress pad as well.  Fitting all three of us, and the mattress pads into the taxi was it’s own adventure.  🙂



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