Oven lovin’

So we couldn’t resist.  There it was on the shelf…on clearance even!  A beautiful and nice convection oven (like a toaster oven but a little bigger and more powerful).  As you know, ovens are very very uncommon in Korean households.  And as many of you know, I love to bake!  Put one with the other – and that creates a little dilemma (one I was willing to live with mind you).  But it seems as if greater powers were telling me to not succumb to a year of bakeless living. 🙂

Before we made the purchase (it was about $65), I did do a bit of research to make sure that we could do a variety of baking, roasting, cooking, etc. in a convection oven.  And sure enough, there’s a TON you can do with an ordinary toaster/convection oven.  (It’s bigger than it looks in the picture).


Although the instruction manual and button labels are all in Korean…I think we can figure it out well enough.  Our first test of our wonderful new appliance….waffle fries – and crispy and yummy they were!


P.S. I’ve been really sick the past couple of weeks and haven’t had the energy to bake anything :-(   I’m hoping this will change this week!


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