An international baking success!

As I reported earlier, Micah and I recently acquired a small convection oven.  I finally had a chance to test it out…with a batch of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  Might as well go all the way with the sugar and calories :-)  Here’s a link to the tasty recipe: The best peanut butter cookies.period.

It was a little difficult to follow the recipe because 1) Butter here doesn’t come packaged in the same 1/2 cup size blocks like they do in America.  So I had to visualize what 1 tablespoon of butter was and go with it and 2) I can’t find vanilla here.  But they do have these little vials (literally) of butter vanilla.  It smells like vanilla but is super potent, so you only need a couple of drops.  But this tends to mess with the liquid to dry ingredients ratio.  But I did my best.

Here they are baking away.  I could only make six cookies at a time – so patience was the key.


And the verdict for batch #1?  Well, they certainly look good.


But upon closer inspection…argh!


Even though they were a little “burned,” they were surprisingly still tasty.  But, I wasn’t satisfied.  I played around with the temperature a bit and here’s batch #2.


And…the tell tale sign…


Ahh yes! A baking success!! Yum! Yum! 

Next up…banana muffins.  I’m waiting for my bananas to get the perfect color of gross brown. 🙂


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