OUCH!!!!! (아야!!!)

I told you earlier about my very cheap visit to the doctor.  I was (and still  feel certain) that I had a sinus infection.  Unfortunately, the two days worth of antibiotics prescribed by the doctor just didn’t do the job.  Still feeling like my head was a balloon, Micah’s co-teachers intervened.

They suggested (while Micah was adamant) that I go get some Korean acupuncture.  One of his co-teachers came and picked me up after school and went with us.  I simply had to give them my name and medical card and just a couple minutes later I was in to see him.

FYI: I have done acupuncture before (in Seattle) – and really felt it was helpful.  So I’m not anti when it comes to non-traditional forms of medicine/treatments.

But as the doctor explained in his limited English…"Korean acupuncture is different than Seattle acupuncture."  And then the pain began.

I tried to explain my symptoms and it looked like he understood.  He started by pushing (really really REALLY hard) on different parts of my body. And then he took three plastic finger clamps and put them around my middle fingers…but making sure the clamp pinched part of my finger skin.  And then he squeezed really hard on my fingers…this hurt like hell – and he knew it.  I didn’t cry, but the look of massive pain on my face was quite obvious.

Each time he squeezed he would ask if my head felt any better.  I would say "no." He would adjust clamps and squeeze more. I thought I should just say "Yes" to make the pain stop – but I really did want some relief.  (I think he thought I just had a headache vs head pressure).

Next up…more pain.  These little band-aid dots went on the same middle fingers.  Three on each.  I didn’t see him use them, but I sure felt it.  (Same process ensued. 1. Apply torture device 2. Try very very hard to not yell/scream/or punch him 3. He’d press down with all his might 4. Repeat step 2)

I had to keep these little "band-aid dots" on my fingers for 3 hours. I couldn’t move them and every time I hit my fingers or brush up against something, I wanted to scream. It hurt so bad.  Oh and it didn’t work – my head pressure never went away, not even a little bit.

SAM_0289 SAM_0293

He had me come back the next day. I really really considered not going back. I even walked about half way home before Micah convinced me to try it.  At least this time he used needles and it seemed more like the style of acupuncture I’ve had back home. 

He had needles all over…my legs, feet, hands, head, and even face.  For the most part, that didn’t hurt.  (The face did though).  The needles didn’t provide any immediate relief, so….he decided to go back to the clamps. No!!!  I even tried to get out of it.  I figured me squirming around and saying, "no, no, no" might change his mind, but no.  More pain. 

On the plus side, a few days later I did feel better.  (Could be because I would have anyway or maybe the acupuncture did help).  And…for two visits, it was less than $10.


1 Response to “OUCH!!!!! (아야!!!)”

  1. 1 katie p November 30, 2009 at 4:04 am

    oh my! that is not cool I can’t even imagine how you put up with it instead of punching him! I hope you’re feeling back to normal!!

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