It’s not about the turkey…

…it’s about the pumpkin pie!  Well, that’s my motto this Thanksgiving since we won’t be eating turkey. 😦 This is our first Thanksgiving in Korea..and actually, my first Thanksgiving not being with my family (be it my entire family, or just my sister and brother-in-law).  As much fun as I’m having here, I wouldn’t mind having a good ol-fashioned home-cooked Thanksgiving meal either.  🙂

But we will have to opt for the next best thing: getting together with good friends we’ve made so far, and attempting to create a Thanksgiving meal.  So tomorrow (Friday in Korea, but 11/25 in the US), we are having some friends over for food, drinks and games. 

Our little convection oven wouldn’t be able to handle cooking a full on turkey (plus I have no idea where to buy one), so we are going with store-bought rotisserie chicken.  And everyone is making some type of Thanksgiving-related side dish. 

I’m making my mom’s absolutely delicious strawberry pretzel “salad.” I eat this every Thanksgiving.  Thanks to my sis for sending me some crucial ingredients – so I can eat it here too!  And of course, can’t forget the pumpkin pie…from Costco Daegu. Yum!

I’ll tell you later how it goes 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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