Teaching…igloo style

So yeah, I’m being intentionally dramatic, but it’s FREEZING at my school.  While outside, it’s not that cold (about mid-30F, but colder in the mornings), inside, it’s a different story. 

Korean schools aren’t heated. The hallways are absolutely freezing and most often the windows and doors are kept open.  And with my school (and most schools I’ve been told), the classrooms aren’t heated either.  Students and teachers alike are all bundled up in jackets, sweaters, scarves, and sometimes I even bust out the gloves – all worn while teaching.  It looks ridiculous.  We are all freezing, but we just deal with it.  I’m told the heaters in our classrooms are broken.  But I don’t feel any heat action going on in any classroom in the school. 

I feel really bad for the students.  I can’t imagine wanting to focus on learning English either when I’m literally shivering during class.  I understand that heat is expensive…but I’m actually having to create activities in class that get the students doing some physical exercise – so they don’t fall into a “cold coma.”

On the plus side, my teacher’s office is semi-heated. I say “semi” because it’s still cold, but not as cold as the rest of the school.  Sitting here at my work desk, I’m bundled up in a sweater, two fleece jackets, a scarf, warm slippers, and a fleece blanket covering my lap. And yes, I’m still cold. But it’s at least a functioning level of cold. 

Here’s a picture of one of my English classrooms. 🙂


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