Much ado about Josh, Ken, and Alapa’i – part 2

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Day 4: Back to work for us

Since it was Monday, Micah and I had to go back to work.  But we told the boys to go check out Seomun Market.  (We’d done this a couple weeks ago).  So, no pics to show.  They did have a good time eating all the street food and partaking in the craziness of the market.  Ken got sad when he saw the dogs and cats in cages…apparently in the same cages as chickens.

We have gotten word from a Korean friend that those cats and dogs are for pets, not eating. 

Once we got off work, we headed to some yummy Korean BBQ nearby. 

Day 5: Pig intestines are yummy

Again, Micah and I had to work.  This day, the boys ventured over to Woobangland – an amusement park in Daegu.  The park was pretty much dead, but they had fun taking in the rides, bumper cars, batting cages – and no lines for any of it! (Micah and I haven’t even gone here yet!)

After work, we all met up with four of Micah’s co-workers for dinner: Young, Shinso, Sunny, and Saerom.  We decided to eat mackchang (aka pig intestines) – apparently a food for which Daegu is famous. 

The mackchang – uncooked – looked absolutely unappetizing.  But once cooked and cut up into small pieces – it was really tasty.  You dip the pieces of meat into this spicy sauce.



IMG_1184-horz   Of course, along with mackchang, we had an assortment of makoli (Korean rice wine), mekjew (beer), and soju.  We had a great time eating and drinking with Micah’s teachers, and decided to continue the fun and show the boys Korean karaoke (aka norebang).  You can’t visit Korea and not norebang!

I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.  Keep in mind, we continued to drink the mekjew throughout the night.  And the boys were loving many of the K-pop songs. 

P.S. You can’t properly norebang without tambourines.




Everyone had fun…perhaps, a little too much (for a school night). 🙂


Day 6: Hashed

Hmm…well, due to Day 5 festivities, Micah was HASHED (aka very very very hungover).  This might seem quite irresponsible for an English Teacher, but it’s actually quite common to see your Korean teachers at school a little hashed too.  Plus, it doesn’t happen often – and it’s not like we have friends visiting us all the time.  I believe Josh was a little hashed too.

We, of course, still had to go to school.  And the boys slept in…and visited Micah’s school in the afternoon. 

For our last night together, what better way to celebrate than a trip to…COSTCO!  Alapa’i wanted to check out the Costco in Korea, and the boys managed to find some good gifts to bring back home. 

Day 7: Anneyong kaseyo!

The boys took off while we were at work.  They had to spend at least 4 hours of travel time to get from Daegu to Incheon Airport + a nine hour flight back to Honolulu.

To our pleasant surprise, we came home to a clean apartment and a brand new slow cooker.  Thanks boys! 

We had such an awesome time.  Who’s coming next? 🙂


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