Christmas “spirit” at my school

Just so you all know, yes – Koreans do celebrate Christmas.  However, they don’t celebrate it with the same intensity I’m used to seeing/feeling back in the states.  (But we’ll be in Seoul for Christmas this year, so hopefully it’s a bit more festive there.  I’ll let you know).

Really, most of my students don’t seem all that excited that Christmas is 4 days away.  I’ve been told that while Koreans celebrate Christmas, the only people who exchange gifts are couples.  And parents give their children gifts..but that’s about it.  No exchanging between friends and co-workers…no white elephant gift exchanges or Yankee swaps…no big family gatherings.

In Daegu, there are a few Christmas lights here and there.  A decorated tree every now and then.  You may even hear some Christmas tunes once in a while.  But…not at my school.  Had I not created a Christmas-themed bulletin board outside my office, there would be NO signs of holiday spirit in my school. 

I incorporated Christmas vocabulary/activities into each of my lessons the past week and had my English club students finish learning the song “Let it Snow.”  I bribed them with ice cream to get them to at least sing the song to four teachers who sit in my office with me.  Students will do just about anything for ice cream. 

I also had them each make stockings and hung them outside my office.  That’s about as Christmas as it gets at Jincheon Elementary School.


Wishing all our friends and family a much more festive and much more joyous Christmas!!

1 Response to “Christmas “spirit” at my school”

  1. 1 sharon December 21, 2009 at 3:55 pm

    and you said there’s no Christmas spirit…kim chi and dried anchovies: those are VERY expensive gifts. You can bring some back upon your return to the US.

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