Christmas (Seoul style)

Spent four fun-filled days in Seoul for the extended Christmas weekend with our friends Gabe and Charissa. 


Overall tidbits:

  • Had a great time, but it was FREEZING there.  Much colder than Daegu. 
  • Definitely felt a bit more Christmas-y up there, but still lacking (in my opinion).
  • Koreans don’t stay in on Christmas (it’s not considered a family holiday) – they are out EVERYWHERE.  And everyone is carrying a cake.  Apparently Christmas is a time to eat cake.
  • Once you figure out the subway system, Seoul doesn’t feel so overwhelming.  Of course, my directionally-challenged self left the navigating up to others.
  • Our hotel was nice enough and located right next to a fancy department store AND many street-filled prostitute stands.  That was…interesting.  You can pretty much window shop for the girl of choice.  I don’t think foreigners are allowed to “shop.”  As we walked by, a Korean man (pimp), kept saying “English sex NO” to us. 

Christmas day:

Exhausted ourselves walking for miles and miles.  Visited COEX – a massive shopping mall/aquarium/movie theater/gallery/museum/exhibition hall.  It was pure insanity.  Half of Seoul must have been here.

blog1Walked for more miles to find an ice skating rink.  Didn’t realize the ice skating rink was inside of Lotte World – another mecca of Christmas insanity.  The other half of Seoul was here.  We opted to observe the insanity rather than join in on it.

Lotte World is part amusement park, ice skating rink, movie theater, shopping center, bowling alley, shooting range (kinda weird considering it’s a kid’s place)…and eatery. 




Ate a really delicious Xmas Buffet Dinner at a restaurant called Toque.  For 45,000 won (about $38), we could eat all we wanted of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, salads…oh…and scrambled eggs, waffles, french toast, and bacon/sausage.  Alright…I’ll go with it.  (Oh yeah, on the way to dinner it started snowing!  So perfect!)


SAM_0367Later, froze our butts, fingers, and toes off trying to find the Christmas Lights Festival.  Seems like it would be obvious to find…but we never did.  Instead, we played in the snow.









Day after Christmas:

Spent the afternoon at a friend’s house eating lunch and speaking English with his family.  Had a really fun time.  (The friend is a friend of Zoe’s who we met last time we were in Seoul).

At night, we again froze our butts off going to Mt. Namsan to see the Seoul Tower.  This requires a post of its own.  Just know that it was very cold.

SAM_0403After nearly escaping hypothermia, we all had a really delicious Italian meal (complete with white and red wine) at a nearby restaurant.  They even gave us our own private eating room and heater.  Ended the night with wine and card games in our hotel room. 

 The convenience store had a wine opener…convenient and classy. 🙂


Last day:

A little more sightseeing before going home.  Hit up a really delicious soup restaurant, and saw the Gyongbok Palace.

Micah and I are both the year of the ‘Monkey’ in the Chinese lunar calendar.  So naturally…we posed with our monkey friend.


Hope everyone had a wonderful, WARM Christmas!!!

2 Responses to “Christmas (Seoul style)”

  1. 1 Dave December 29, 2009 at 4:41 am

    Merry Christmas! Couple of things, 1, LOVE the blog – I check it every few days and enjoy reading about your experiences. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time and getting to see a lot of different places. 2 – Why can’t English speakers hook up with the prostitutes? That’s discrimination.

  2. 2 muchadoaboutlisa December 30, 2009 at 12:07 am

    Hi Dave! I hope you had a great Christmas too. What’s the plan for NYE? It’s the end of a decade! I’m glad you are enjoying the blog. There’s always something to write about when you live in Korea. 🙂 So apparently one hypothesis about foreigners and prostitutes…the Koreans don’t want the foreigners bringing and spreading their STDs. I’m not sure if I believe this…but it’s one theory. We are going back to Seoul to celebrate NYE…maybe we can find some folks to test out the validity of all this. 🙂

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