Tasty Thai!

As promised, here is a roundup of the food we ate during our time in Thailand.  I’d like to give props to many of the Thai restaurants in Seattle – many of the dishes were spot on to what I’ve eaten in Seattle.

Some interesting things about food in Thailand:

  • Food stands are everywhere.  We ate nearly every meal from those.  They are cheaper than restaurants and absolutely delicious.
  • Fruit drinks.  They are the definition of refreshing.  We drank them everyday (they are non-alcoholic).  In fact, as soon as we got back to Korea, we bought a blender so we can try and make them.  I encourage everyone to try and make them.  Follow the “recipe” here.
  • Fruit stands.  These are everywhere too.  Thailand’s tropical climate allows for an awesome variety of fresh fruit: mango, dragon fruit, durian, papaya, guava, etc.  It’s SO cheap and they chop it up nicely for you.
  • If you buy your food/drinks from the stands, many times you’ll get your food or drink in a bag.  It’s the most common way to eat “takeout.”


  • Even food you can bargain down.  If two dishes added up to 110 baht, we’d offer 100 baht instead.
  • There are TONS of Indian restaurants in Thailand. 
  • We tried to not repeat any foods, so we could taste new ones as well.  We, of course, didn’t know the names of most things, so we simply pointed to pictures or to what other people were eating around us.  This works well.  “Can I get some of this, some of that, and a little of this too.” 🙂
  • Thai soup (called “Tom” in Thai) are so under-appreciated in the U.S.  The noodle soups were amazing – and there are so many more varieties to choose from than what most people are aware of in the States.
  • Thai people love their pancakes.  They are more like a flat thick dough that you can make sweet or savory.  We ate quite a few of these in the islands – very cheap eats.  Below I’m eating a curry pancake – it came with a green curry dipping sauce.  SOOO good!

Here are some more pics!  Yummy.  I’m missing Thai food already!

food3 food1 food2

3 Responses to “Tasty Thai!”

  1. 1 stockk February 5, 2010 at 12:43 am

    *yummyyummyyummy*!! it all looks so good! I’ve got to get to thailand one of these days…

  2. 2 Diana February 9, 2010 at 1:22 am

    Oh man, my husband and I really want to go to Thailand next year. We LOVE Thai food. That’s great to hear Seattle has some comparable restaurants. What’s your favorite?

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