Ice cream most delicious

When I first started teaching at Jincheon Elementary, I told all of my classes that I would give the top class in each grade a really great prize at the end of the year.  I used a star-reward system.  At the beginning of each class, I would draw three stars on the board.  And I would erase them, one-by-one, if the class was too noisy, rude, not trying, etc.  So, it’s the end of the year and I counted up the winners for each grade (3rd thru 6th) and handed out ice cream bars yesterday. 

Side note: Ice cream makes Korean students go into a frenzy.  They LOVE ice cream.  It’s the perfect reward.  And since I was ordering in bulk, I was able to snag a great discount from the market next to my school (and free delivery to my office). 🙂

3rd grade ice cream

4th grade ice cream

6th grade ice cream

Some of my 6th grade girls found out ahead of time about the ice cream prize and were sweet (hee hee) enough to make me a homemade “thank you/farewell” card.  They are graduating this year and are off to middle school – many will move on to Micah’s school.

Lisa sign

Here are some of their messages:

  • “Lisa teacher. Hello Teacher! Thank you and I will eat delicious.”
  • “Teacher. Wow! I love you so much.”
  • “Hello baby (my nickname). I’m very love you.”
  • “Lisa Teacher. I will eat ice cream. When I go to Daejin middle school I will study with your boyfriend. “
  • “Lisa Teacher I always tease girl, but I will change. Thank you.”
  • “Lisa Teacher, I think ice cream most delicious.”

6th grade girls

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