Ain’t no bridge high enough

Day: 3

Location: Sydney

Event: Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge (

As written earlier in the overall summary of our Aussie trip post, I wasn’t even sure I was going to make this climb, but I did!  A special thanks to my body for holding out just long enough to make this happen.

Micah and I opted for the “Express Climb” which takes about two hours (which includes filling out forms, taking a breathalyzer, changing into jumpsuits, and the actual climb.  Other climbs are much longer).


We were with a group of 10 other climbers and our bridge climb leader.  Each of us were outfitted with jumpsuits and headpieces so that we can hear our leader tell us about the bridge and stories while we climb. 

The climb is extremely safe.  You are constantly connected to a cable that runs along the bridge.  There’s no chance you can fall over.  It’s not very difficult either.  A few stairs here and there, but even a fairly out of shape person can handle this. 

The history of the bridge is really interesting, but I won’t go into that.  You can check with wikipedia if you want to read up on it.

The view from the top is awesome.  On a clear day (which we had), you can see for miles and miles in every direction.  And of course, the Sydney Opera House is right under your nose too. 

Due to safety reasons, you are not allowed to bring cell phones, cameras, jewelry (basically anything that could possibly fall over board).  So, the only option of capturing this moment is via a picture that the bridge climb leader takes.  And of course, this picture can be purchased for a ridiculous price when the climb is over.  And of course, we totally bought it.  🙂


1 Response to “Ain’t no bridge high enough”

  1. 1 Roz L-M March 7, 2010 at 4:22 am

    You two look like you are having the adventure of a lifetime! I am still working at Point Defiance and once a week I spend 30 minutes in the classroom that used to be Micah’s working with 4 2nd graders! Keep the great blogs coming! Roz

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