Wines away!

Day: 5

Location: Hunter Valley

Event: Hunter Valley Wine and Cheese Tour  (

Australia is a major wine-producing country.  Korea…is not.  It’s difficult to find any decent wines at decent prices in Korea.  So, given the opportunity, we purchased a tour (with the same company who did the Blue Mountains Tour) – and off we went to wine country!  Specifically, to the Hunter Valley – a 2.5 hour drive out of Sydney.


A little side note: Don’t quote me on this, but a few of the Aussies we spoke with said Australians don’t drink Yellowtail wine.  Australians make Yellowtail wine, and then export it to America, where Americans drink Yellowtail wine.  One of our tour guides likened Yellowtail wine to Fosters beer.  You might think it’s Australian, (the advertising certainly suggests so) but you won’t find many down here who actually drink it.


So back to the tour…The full day tour included stops at three different wineries (each one being really different in terms of size, style, philosophy, etc.)  It was a nice mix.  And they each provided something you like to see when visiting wineries: free and generous samples!


I’m still a newbie when it comes to wines, and Micah is a lot more knowledgeable.  And he seemed to enjoy all the tastings (and any of the tastings I couldn’t finish).  Each winery provided a TON of information on how their wines were made, mixed, bottled, etc. and boasted about why their wines are the best. 

In between winery visits, we stopped for lunch and to sample the Smelly Cheese Shop.  So yummy.


It was a great day! Great weather, beautiful vineyards, great tasting wines, friendly people…and only a little dehydration. 🙂


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