Now, that’s MY kind of holiday

Yum.  Candy for breakfast.  Not my normal breakfast choice, but today is special.  March 14th = White Day! 

Unfortunately, it’s a Korean thing (well, an Asian thing actually) – although when we get back to the states I will be a strong proponent of adopting White Day worldwide (or at least in whatever city I’m living in at the time).  🙂

White Day is part of a holiday trilogy if you will…hmm…a “triloliday?”  Here’s how it goes.

February 14th: Valentine’s Day, but with a catch.  In Korea, the GIRL gives the guy candy and presents; BOY = receiver only.  (Personally, not a fan of this V-day version)

March 14th: White Day.  Yes, flip it and reverse it.  BOY = give; GIRL = receive.  (Yay!!!)

My White Day goodies!

April 14th: Black Day aka Single’s Day.  This is apparently for anyone who didn’t partake in the first two holidays.  Call out your single status by eating a big bowl of noodles, covered in a black bean sauce – fun right?.  It’s more an act of commiseration, than celebration.  (I say…screw that!  But keep in mind.  If you are a Korean woman, in your mid-20’s or higher and NOT with someone…it’s like the saddest thing ever.  Barf!).


1 Response to “Now, that’s MY kind of holiday”

  1. 1 micah March 18, 2010 at 5:39 am

    FYI: I received no such candy on Valentines day, when I was supposed to be the recipient. Also, I was under the impression that women are supposed to make chocolate, not just buy it.

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