Ready for some Korean adventure? Apply now.

Applications to teach English in Korea’s public schools are out now!

EPIK (English Program in Korea) is the Korean-govt sponsored teaching program.  EPIK is the primary body responsible for hiring Native English Teachers (NET) and placing them in public schools (elementary, middle, and high) throughout Korea.  Micah and I are EPIK teachers.

EPIK hires NETs to start in either March or late August.

RIGHT NOW, applications for EPIK Fall 2010 are available.   I believe you can apply directly through them or do as we did…

Micah and I used a recruiting company that specializes in finding applicable NETs to work in Korea (as well as other countries).  We used Footprints Recruiting and felt they did a very good job in communicating information to us and helping us with the often times arduous application process.  But there are numerous recruiting companies out there from which to choose.

Micah and I are really happy with our experience so far.  I feel working for the public schools (rather than private academies) was an excellent decision.  Sure, there are MANY things that are very frustrating about being here and the way things are done…but it’s all part of the experience.  We’ve made some really great friends along the way and have been able to finance some pretty awesome vacations.

August 20, 2009 – just landed in Korea and off to EPIK orientation!

And of course, everyone’s experience will be different.  Where you live, what your school is like, what your co-teachers are like, how open/flexible you are, etc. – these will all play fairly big roles in your success and happiness living and teaching in Korea.

So…who’s up for a little adventure? 🙂


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