Some sweet shopping

The other day I went on a little shopping trip with my friends Courtney and Charissa.  New bag? Nope. New shoes? Nope. New clothes? Nope. Baking supplies?  YES!

Baking in Korea is really just left to the bakeries.  It’s quite common for the average Korean to have NEVER baked anything in their life – and that’s due to several reasons (e.g. lack of oven, lack of knowledge, baked goods not being part of traditional Korean cuisine, etc.). 

Since baking in the home is pretty rare here, that means finding baking ingredients can be challenging.  Only one store near us (i.e. a 15-20 min walk) stocks chocolate chips.  And even then, one normal size bag costs $6.  Vanilla extract is like an exotic ingredient.  (I found one super small $9 bottle at a foreign food mart in Seoul).  Forget about boxed cake mixes, premade cookie dough, or rainbow chip frosting! :-( 

So, I was quite excited when Courtney told me about a specialty baking store she found in Daegu.  (Note: There is one area in Seoul filled with markets stocking baking and candy making supplies). 

Unfortunately, when we got there, the store was closing.  We had about five minutes to rush around and scope out the place.  It’s filled with all sorts of baking ingredients, tins, pans, mixers, liners, sprinkles, and oddly enough, a fairly large wine section. 

baking storeThere was even a small refrigerated section with whipping cream, butter, cream cheese, etc. – albeit, very expensive (but these items are generally expensive in Korea…when you can even find them).  They even had Thai spring roll wrappers!!


Since we didn’t have much time, I bought only a few things.  But I plan to go back 🙂

baking store2

For anyone living in/near Daegu – here’s how to get to the baking store:

1. Take the red line subway to the Daegu Station stop. 

2. Walk out of exit #4 and take a right onto the street.

3. Look to your left for this yellow sign (it’s just a minute walk from the station exit)


4. That’s the name of the baking store.  Head into the building, 2nd floor.  Happy baking!


1 Response to “Some sweet shopping”

  1. 1 Lupe October 29, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    Did you happen to see if they sold food grade buckets? Would you happen to know anywhere else that does?

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