Cherry bud festival

Spring has sprung…a little late in Korea.  As my Korean teachers tell me, the weather this year has been “not normal” (i.e. unusually harsher and longer winter).  As a result, the very popular annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Gyeongju (aka Kyongju) that took place this past weekend was more like a Cherry Bud Festival. 


Bloom already!

Having booked the tour to Gyeongju about a month ago, I was unaware that Mother Nature was planning such deception.  After a two hour bus ride to the festival site, we arrived expecting to be awed – not ahhh…that sucks.”  With a city filled with HUNDREDS of these beautiful springtime trees, there were less than 10 that were actually blossoming.  The rest…well, they were either totally bare or just in the bud stage.  I won’t lie, it was a disappointment. 


Hmm…where are you cherry blossoms??


All these trees – naked.  😦

Of course, as good tourists do, we took obligatory pictures by the few blossoming trees. It may be another two weeks before all the trees are in full bloom. 


Jackpot!  The biggest group of cherry blossom trees we saw.


Although few and far between – they are still pretty!

On the plus side, the sun was out and the day was beautiful!  We had a great time trekking around Bomun Lake Resort, eating delicious Korean food, and renting little “ATV” karts.  A day of fun, minus the flowers.   cherry blossom festival

Go kart

MarioKart – the real life version – SOOOOOOO FUN!!!!!!!

The last part of the trip was spent at Bulguksa Temple.  It’s one of the most famous Buddhist Temples in Korea – steeped in a long and rich history. 


Bulguksa Temple – a UNESCO World Heritage Site


2 Responses to “Cherry bud festival”

  1. 1 Mom April 7, 2010 at 4:24 am

    How disappointing, but it looked like you made the best of the situation….from the few trees that were in bloom, it would have been absolutely amazing when all of the trees are blooming!

  1. 1 Field trip day!! « Much Ado About Lisa Trackback on April 27, 2010 at 1:53 pm

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