Change in forecast: Shower next week

I wrote earlier about how I was planning a baby shower for my co-teacher who is leaving on maternity leave this Friday.

I had gotten another co-teacher to help me communicate the party details to the other teachers and to organize buying a group gift (in lieu of individual gifts). 

Things were going good.  I had a simple, but delicious Western menu picked out, ingredients purchased, and even got up early yesterday to get a head start on baking some cookies. 

But, Hanna (the mom to be) told me today (Wednesday) that she decided that TODAY was going to be her last day.  Not Friday, but more like today – as in a few hours left (we had a half day today).  Oh crap!

I rushed to discuss this new information with one of my co-teachers.  Fortunately, this co-teacher is having a housewarming party in one week – and has confirmation that Hanna will be attending.  So, we decided to keep the party a secret and just move it from this Friday, to next Friday.

So now it’s a combo house-warming and surprise baby shower.  And since the host for the housewarming provides the food – I will only be bringing one dessert and nothing else.  So, that makes things a bit easier for me.  It’s not quite what I envisioned (since I was hoping to give them a taste of American culture via this baby shower), but I can’t help it.  We will still have fun and it will still be a fun surprise. 

Now, what to do with the two dozen eggs, loads of powdered sugar, butter, flour, and milk that I purchased specifically for the shower? :-)  (Dessert recipe posts to come!)


1 Response to “Change in forecast: Shower next week”

  1. 1 Mom April 22, 2010 at 5:54 am

    She’ll really be surprised now. The best laid plans….you know the rest! Have a fun time making your goodies.

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