Fridge fiasco

Last night, our fridge stopped working.  The light still came on when I opened the door, so I didn’t realize anything was wrong.  It wasn’t until I decided to make one of my delicious frozen peanut butter milkshakes that I figured it out.  Hmm…why are my bananas mushy and brown?  Furthermore…why is the bread in the freezer completely thawed?

Thus, began the process of touching everything in the freezer to confirm if it indeed was working/not working.  All of the meats were still frozen and icy.  Phew.  But, these ice cream bars are liquefied.  Boo!  Touch more things.  Mess around with dial thingy.  Move on to fridge part and repeat identification process.

The cans and jars don’t feel as cold as *I think* they should be.  But then I started to doubt myself…maybe our fridge is always like that.  Touch more things.  Smell test.  Nothing seems that off.  Mess around with dial thingy. 

Well, I repeated this process for the next couple of hours – each time readjusting the dials, kicking the fridge (sometimes it just needs a friendly nudge), and doing the touch test. 

After those couple of hours, I officially confirmed the fridge wasn’t working.  Things were starting to thaw – including the meats…the very expensive bulk meats from Costco.  Abandon fridge rescue mission – and move on to saving the food! 


Argh!  Why?!! 

We thought about some of our friends who live close to us – to see if we could throw some of our food into their fridge/freezer.  Friend #1: Out of town.  Friend #2: Small fridge and just went on their own Costco trip – I knew they wouldn’t have any room.  Micah’s teacher: Well, it’s 11:30pm – no answer to text.  We even considered trying to get into our schools and throwing it into our office fridges.  But upon further thought – there was no chance we could explain to the night watchmen at the schools (who speak NO English) – what the heck we were doing. 

Our friends Gabe and Charissa offered up their freezer and we decided to save just a few of the really expensive items (ground beef, chicken, shrimp, and butter).  They don’t live very close to us, and the subways were already closed.  So we took a $10 taxi out to their neighborhood, met them at a bar, had a few drinks (hey, might as well), and then they took our food back to their place.  THANK YOU GABE AND CHARISSA!!!

And now, we’ve spent a good portion of this morning throwing out food and cleaning the fridge.  Hopefully, our fridge will get fixed tomorrow.  Some items you know instantly that you have to toss: mayo, milk, leftovers, meat, ranch dressing, etc.  But, some items you have to question and aren’t really sure – like sauces.  Will that Yoshida’s teriyaki sauce really go bad?  Or butter.  People often leave butter out in covered dishes to keep it soft and spreadable. 

We have thrown away the majority of the contents of our fridge.  Here’s what we have saved. 😦


On the bright side, at least I was home when this happened (Micah was at football practice).  And we saved some of the food.  Last time, (when it was completely my fault and I accidentally unplugged the fridge so I could plug in the rice cooker), we were away for the weekend.  We came home to two full days of a turned off fridge.  That was really gross.  This time…just sort of gross. 


1 Response to “Fridge fiasco”

  1. 1 Mom May 6, 2010 at 4:05 am

    Hope you have a new frig. by now…Of course it had to happen right after your Costco visit.

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