A “Holy crap it’s mid-May” update

Seriously, the closer we get to the end of our year here in Korea – the faster the days go by.  And as excited as we are to see our friends and family, and return to an English-speaking country…the days are going too fast!  I can’t say I’m all that ready to head back just yet.  It’s finally sunny and warm hot!  And there’s so much left to do and see.

The past couple of weeks haven’t been all that eventful.  We’ve been going on some day trips with friends on the weekends and planning for things coming up. 

1. May 20th – 23rd: Buddha’s Birthday.  All of us teachers get Friday off from school!!  And even better, Micah and I get Monday off too.  We are headed to a beach town called Yeosu with our friends Gabe & Charissa and Courtney & Sydney.  A posting on that to come.

2.  May 30th – June 6th: Micah’s mom is coming to visit us!  She’ll be flying into Seoul and making her way down solo to the bus station in Daegu.  We are still figuring out what places to take her to.  Fortunately, we have that Wednesday off from school (Election Day in Korea). 

3. August: We are still deciding what to do for our summer vacation plans.  Including the weekends, we can take a 12 day vacation.  My ideal itinerary: Hong Kong (2 days), Northern Vietnam (7 days), Singapore (3 days).  Micah is…sorta on board.  He’d rather nix Vietnam and do Bali instead. 

4. February 19, 2011: Our wedding!  We are slowly checking off things on the master wedding to-do list.  Planning our wedding is actually…not that fun (gasp!).  I know…shocking right?  As much as I love helping others with their weddings, I just don’t get that same sense of satisfaction with our own. 

So, other than planning – just same ol, same ol really.  Some days you even forget that you are living in a foreign country.  🙂

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