Who needs grapes when you have persimmons?

Last weekend, a big group of us foreigner teacher friends headed to a city south of Daegu called Cheongdo  (about 30 minutes by train).  All we knew prior to leaving was that they had a wine tunnel.  Hmm…ok.  Why not?

cheongdo map

We got off at the Cheongdo train station and then took a 10 minute taxi ride to the actual tunnel.  And we soon found out that it really is a wine tunnel.  It’s an old (108 years old) converted train tunnel that now stores countless barrels of wine, has a small wine shop, and lots of seating for visitors to sit down and drink some wine and eat some cheese. 

cheondo tunnel

It was a beautiful and hot day – a perfect day to go into a dark, musty tunnel and sample some wine. :-)  

cheondo tunnel2

When we got inside, we found out that this wine tunnel only sells three types of wine – and they are all wines made from persimmons (aka gam in Korea).  Apparently this place sells the “only persimmon wine in the world!!!!” And we were only able to sample two of the three wines.  Bummer.  But I’ve never had persimmon wine before and it was pretty tasty.  It was light and sweet, but surprisingly not too sweet. 

No grapes?  Just use persimmons!


The two wines we tasted: Gam Regular and Gam Special.  We preferred the Regular over the Special.  They also had an ice wine, but it’s very expensive and limited – so they don’t let customers sample that for free.

     We walked to the other end of the tunnel, but it was gated (where they store the barrels).  But they did have some fancy dancy light sculptures.  SAM_1553 Micah wants this for our wedding.  🙂

And lots of nice seating areas.  If it wasn’t so dark, musty, and dripping water randomly on our heads from above – it would be a great place for a party!


It wasn’t quite the “winery” experience we envisioned and/or are used to, but we made the most of it.  We bought ourselves some wine and some cheese – and had a great time chatting it up.  About two glasses of persimmon wine was my limit – it started getting really sicky sweet tasting after that. 



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