Real grass, a squirrel, and zip lining awesomeness

Last weekend, Micah and I (and a large group of our foreigner friends) headed to Herb Hillz Eco Theme Park.  (Sorry the website is in Korean only).  It’s located in Daegu, but outside of the main city. 


For 15,000 won (or around $13-$14), we had access to the very large theme park that included things like a children’s petting zoo, lots of trees, and plants, many “photo opportunity areas,” and places to eat/stores to shop in.  PLUS, the best part was going on a 90 minute zip lining adventure!


Yep, that’s real grass.  We had to touch it just to remember what it felt like.

Before heading out on our adventure, we had to get our gear on and do a few practice rope swings.  Luckily, one of our friends speaks Korean so he helped translate.  It’s pretty crazy.  Once you start the course, there’s no employee or guide up there with you.  You are on your own!  So, it was in our best interest to pay attention.

herbhillz2 Hmm…what do I do with these thingies?


Practice makes perfect – or in our case, practice helps you not fall off the tall trees.

Ok – so now the real deal.  There were several options of courses we could take – each varying by difficulty level and length of time.  We opted for the King Kong course…not the hardest course, but it is described as being “the most fun.” 

Start:  Climb up rope ladder


Not too bad.  Does take a bit of strength but everyone managed ok.

Next:  Slide yourself along to the start of zip line #1


Zip line time:  It’s hard to keep your body facing forward on the zip line – which resulted in many of us slamming (pretty hard) into the padding at the end of the line.  And if you don’t grab on to the rope in time, then you slide back to the middle and have to pull yourself to the end.  This happened at least one time for nearly all of us.


Our friend Cynthia demonstrating the ‘pull yourself in’ method 🙂

Next:  Climb up another rope ladder – this one had a very stubborn pulley attached to it.


What the hell?  I’m trying to climb up but I’m stuck!”

Zip line #2:  Yahoo!!!!!!!!!


Next:  More ropes course sections to cross


The one one the right was pretty tough.

Zip line #3:  Sorry – no pic of this one.  But this one was even harder to catch the rope at the end because the zip line was short and you built up a lot of speed.  Most people had to pull themselves in.

Next:  Simple rope netting thing you had to walk down.  I couldn’t keep my balance for the life of me! 


Next: Rope skateboarding. 


Hook yourself in and scoot on over!

Next:  Of course – rope bicycling!!


Micah learned the hard way.  You have to keep pedaling until you get to the other side.  Otherwise, the bike starts riding up and…well, ouch.

Next:  One final rope balancing tightrope section


The whole zip line course is up in the trees above all the visitors on the ground.  They loved looking up and watching the action.

Lastly:  The final zip line



This last zip line had a particularly hard crash landing for most of us.  Our poor friend Cynthia got pretty banged up.


Ahh…sorry Cyn.  That’s gonna leave a mark.

After we were done zip lining – we all hung out at the park drinking beers and having a good time.  We even spotted a real life squirrel running around.  Back home, squirrels tend to be more of a nuisance creature.  But given that in the 9 months we’ve been in Korea we haven’t spotted any wildlife (aside from a few birds), this was a big deal to see a wild squirrel!

There was also a woman walking around with a baby monkey.  So a few of us got up and went to look at the cute little thing.  The little guy loved our friend Andrew.  But he gave no love to me.  The damn thing bit me!!!  (I think it was overexcited from all the little kids manhandling it).  No worries – it bit me through my sweatshirt and it didn’t bleed at all.


Don’t be fooled by its cuteness.


4 Responses to “Real grass, a squirrel, and zip lining awesomeness”

  1. 1 Mom May 25, 2010 at 7:16 am

    Oh my gosh, what a blast you must of had! It looked like you all had a great time. There was no broken skin at the monkey bite sight, right? Monkeys can be cute at a distance BUT THEY THROW THIER POOP AT YOU, BEWARE…just in case you see another cute little monkey.

  2. 2 Tera May 30, 2010 at 11:51 pm

    That video was super hilarious…wait for the momentum..wait for the momentum!! By the way, nice delts!!

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