Getting down with Yeosu

Last weekend, we took a trip down south to the city of Yeosu (pronounced “Yo-soo”) with our friends.  It was Buddha’s Birthday – which meant that we all got Friday off from school.  Woo hoo! 


As soon as school got out, the six of us met up at the bus station and we were off. 


Our friends Charissa, Gabe, Sydney, and Courtney.  And a Korean woman who probably wished she didn’t get stuck next to a bunch of foreigners for a 4-hour trip.


Apparently, they still sell tickets for the bus, even if there are no seats left.  This guy stood for most of the trip.

We got into Yeosu around 9:30pm, took a quick taxi to our hotel, checked-in – and then had some drinks.  The city is nice and clean and actually has parks with grass.  A rarity in Korea.


The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day!  The highlights:

  • Odongdo Island



  • Manseongri Beach (aka Korea’s only black sand beach)

Ha!  We got out of the taxi, looked at the beach, and went “huh?”  There isn’t anything black about this beach – unless the somewhat darker area of sand is considered black.  In person, it just looks dirty.  My co-teacher even warned us not to go there.


  • Raw seafood dinner with my co-teacher

My new co-teacher, Sun Gyung is from the city of Yeosu. And she just happened to be visiting Yeosu as well the same weekend.  So we decided to meet up for dinner and drinks.  She took us to a raw seafood restaurant – Yeosu’s specialty. 

Unfortunately, our friend Courtney does not do raw very well.  But she was quite the trooper and at least tried many of the dishes.


Am I really supposed to put this in my mouth?

Micah was in seafood heaven – eating everything put in front of him.  It was quite the experience.  The food just kept coming and coming.  It was definitely a meal we could never have eaten if my co-teacher wasn’t there with us.  I can’t say I loved everything, but it was still an amazing meal.


Afterwards, we went out for drinks and taught Sun Gyung many American drinking games.  It was hilarious.  She ended up having to drink a lot that night.  :-)  We don’t go easy on the newbies. 🙂


Saturday and Sunday:

The rest of the weekend was well…wet.  It went from awesome 80 degree weather on Friday, to non-stop rain all Saturday and Sunday.  And since the rain wasn’t letting up, it limited our options for where to go.  We couldn’t take the ferrys down to the islands and being outside was not all that enjoyable.

We did manage to visit one other beach and check out a pretty cool aquarium.


Oh look, there’s the beach.  Quick take a picture and let’s get inside!


Check out this sting ray.  His (or her) face is hilarious!


These poor fish were being tormented by the Korean kids.  Catch them with a strainer, shake em’ around a little and release.  Repeat.


Micah dug around in this mud for at least 5 minutes trying to find whatever it was that was supposed to be in there.  Then, some Korean person told us (or rather we figured out) that the posted signs were telling visitors that there was nothing in the mud at that time. 

We wandered around a bit more in the rain, ate some Korean BBQ and headed back to the hotel to dry off.  That night we were fairly low key too.  We played some pool, ate some actual normal American pizza, and stayed up hanging out in our hotel rooms playing a few more “games.”  🙂

Had the weather been nicer, we might have actually gotten a tan chance to see some of the beautiful little islands.  But it rained all the way home to Daegu and for the next couple of days too.  😦


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  1. 1 micah May 31, 2010 at 8:21 am

    nice face courtney.

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    penning this article and also the rest of the site is extremely good.

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