“Take me out to the ballgame…

…buy me some dried squid and fried chicken.”

Ah…finally…our first baseball game in Korea!  Last week, the P.E. teacher at my school invited Micah and I to join him and a few other of my elementary school teachers to go to a Samsung Lions game (they are the baseball team in Daegu). 

Side note: There are 8 professional baseball teams in Korea – the biggest cities have a team.  Compare that to the 30 teams in Major League Baseball.

And each Korean team is named after a major Korean company.  See the following (with the city in parenthesis)

  • Doosan Bears (Seoul)
  • LG Twins (Seoul)
  • Nexen Heroes (Seoul)
  • Lotte Giants (Busan)
  • Samsung Lions (Daegu)
  • Hanwha Eagles (Daejon)
  • SK Wyverns (Inchon)
  • Kia Tigers (Gwangju)

I’m used to knowing sports teams by their city name and mascot, but in Korea the city is not referenced.  Instead of the Seattle Mariners it might be the “Microsoft Mariners.”   🙂

We went after school on a Tuesday night – and my teacher brought beer, sodas, and mixed nuts (with dried shrimp) for us to snack onYou can bring in anything you want. 

We got to the stadium and got the tickets (which only cost about $6).  The tickets are not assigned seats.  You can sit anywhere you want! 



This is the boy Samsung Lion mascot.  There’s a girl version too. 

Surrounding the stadium there are numerous fried chicken vendors.  You have a choice of 1) buying outside the stadium and carrying it with you inside or 2) calling them once you are seated and they will deliver it to you!  Seriously, how cool is that?! :-)  And of course, there are numerous places inside to buy ramen noodles, kimbab, mandu, and of course dried squid. 


Fried chicken!!!!  I even saw Kyochon Chicken, but we didn’t end up ordering from them. 😦


Not exactly hotdogs and peanuts at Korean baseball games.

We got to our seats (there was hardly anyone sitting out there – actually hardly anyone at the game in general) and started eating and waiting for the game to start.  We were playing the SK Wyverns that night – currently the best team in Korea.  My teacher was worried about choosing this game for us to watch because the Samsung Lions are only in third place. 


The stadium is small compared to any baseball stadiums in America.  But it allows you to be close to the action.

My teacher was worrying over nothing.  Even though we were playing the best team and apparently facing off against the best pitcher in Korea, we killed them.  Final score 14-1.  We even left early at the end of the 7th inning because the game was such a blowout. 

We had a great time watching the game, eating and drinking, and just socializing with my Korean teachers.  A couple of the teachers I don’t know very well and they seem to be afraid of me in school.  But once at the game, they loosened up and we had a fun time chatting about baseball, school, life, etc.


That’s Eun Mi and my co-teacher, Sun Gyung.

Oh, in Korea there is no 7th inning stretch – instead there is a “kissing inning.”  The camera zooms around the crowds and if it lands on a couple – they kiss.  The other funny thing was the baseball cheerleaders.  They dance around to the music and get the crowd chanting.  (Sorry, no pics. We weren’t sitting near them).


Yay…our first baseball game!  And it was a blowout success!  Go Samsung Lions!


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