Nacho, nacho man

Mexican food and Korea.  As you can imagine, it’s not really their forte’.  Just like Asian food in Mexico – eh…I’ll pass on that buffet.

However, the lack of Mexican restaurants and ingredients in Korea doesn’t necessarily ease the craving we get for some good, cheesy, Mexican-y goodness. 

We’ve tried a few “Mexican” places here and there with only a couple standing out (the Fuzzy Navel in Haeundae Beach area of Busan had real sour cream and guacamole!).  We’ve learned to STOP ordering nachos after a few less than tasty experiences.  Imagine a plate of individually dressed chips with some melted cheese…mayonnaise and ketchup.  Similarly, sweet Thai chili sauce is NOT the same thing as salsa.

So what to do?  We make them ourselves.  (Or usually Micah makes them and I assist).

Fortunately, we can buy REAL cheddar cheese from Costco, along with ground beef, salsa and sour cream.  Add some tortilla chips, kidney beans, chopped tomatoes and onions – and voila’ – you’ve got yourself some of the best nachos anywhere in Korea.  (I’m not kidding either). 

We do have the added benefit of having a kickass toaster oven to aid us in our nacho mission, but absent that – you can still manage a pretty solid plate of nachos using your microwave (just don’t overheat the cheese!)

Our latest nacho night included shredded chicken instead of beef and  a special addition of homemade guacamole (apparently you can buy avocados at Costco now – thanks Court and Syd!)


Oh yeah!!!!  Micah is quite the nacho man.  He admittedly does make some killer nachos.  Please note: this wasn’t just for the two of us!



Nacho night a few months ago.  Yum!  I dare you to find a better plate of nachos in Korea!!


1 Response to “Nacho, nacho man”

  1. 1 Mom June 28, 2010 at 3:04 am

    Yummmmm! You both have turned into quite the chefs…You’ll have to give Dad some lessons (me too) heh! heh! Can’t wait to taste some of your authentic Asian food. (Hint, hint)

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