Update: More faux fitness training

So if you’ve been following along (if not, click here and here), you know that I’ve been pretending to be a fitness trainer – and have been teaching some of the Korean employees at our gym some hardcore workouts (via Bodyrock.tv).

I’ve done two more sessions this week – and each time – a new person has joined along.  It’s kind of fun. 

The workouts are short, but intense.  And they seem to be EXHAUSTED afterwards – which is what I’m shooting for -a Korean sweating (really sweating) at the gym…shocking, I know.  🙂

Here is our workout from Tuesday:

Six pack abs workout


And here is the workout we did on Thursday:

18 minute S&M workout (I had Micah do the explaining of what ‘S and M’ meant) 🙂


If you are even mildly interested – I encourage you to just check out the Bodyrock.tv site.  Click on ‘home workouts’ and watch some of the videos.  Whenever I’m feeling lazy, I will click on a new workout I’ve never done, watch the video – and that always gets me off my butt.  Remember, you don’t need a gym to do these workouts.  You don’t even need any special equipment.

I’m off to choose our workout for Saturday!

1 Response to “Update: More faux fitness training”

  1. 1 Llysta August 2, 2010 at 2:14 am

    Lisa, I have been reading your blog starting from the beginning of your Korean adventure for a month now, and it has been incredibly helpful (and enjoyable)! I am going to go teach in Korea next year and was searching for blogs to give some insight into the experience. I was also glad to discover that you are a runner and enjoy working out (you introducing me to bodyrock.tv has definitely been awesome!!) as I enjoy doing the same.
    I don’t want to bother you, but if you wouldn’t mind telling me how your experience working through Footprints has been throughout your entire visit, I would really appreciate the knowledge! I have done some research into their services (and have read your blog account), but I was hoping you could give me a little more info.
    Once again, I hope this is not too troublesome! My e-mail is windfromtheheavens@yahoo.com. Thank you very much!

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