A welcome home surprise!

Our friends orchestrated a really fun welcome home surprise for Micah and me.  Weeks and weeks ago (when we were still living in Korea), we were invited to a surprise birthday party for our friend Aaron for September (when we would be back in Seattle).  

When we got back to Seattle and saw Aaron, we made sure to not mention anything about his upcoming surprise birthday party.  We fished around to see if he knew anything about it…but it seemed like the secret was still in tact.

So fast forward to last Saturday.  We are driving down to Renton where the birthday party was…and we are stuck in some bad traffic.  I immediately call my friend Martha to make sure that if we are a little late, we won’t be ruining the surprise.  All is well she tells me.

We knock on the door and what?  The birthday boy is already there.  Enter confused look.  And what?  Some of our other friends are there too.  Now, I’m really confused but happy to see them of course.  Their shouts of “SURPRISE! WELCOME HOME!” finally made it all click for me.  We were totally surprised…as in absolutely 100% unexpected. 

We were treated to the most delicious spread of foods, delicious drinks (including some amazing Napa Valley wines), and of course, wonderful convo with our great friends.  I have to give a major shout out to Martha and Regina for pulling it all together. 

welcome home party

It’s nice to be home!

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