Bringing back a little Korea green-ness

Back when we were living in Korea (which was just over a month ago…whoa!), a regular part of our day-to-day living involved collecting food waste and emptying it into special food waste bins (admittedly, I never emptied it into the bins because it was disgusting – that was all Micah).  Being “green” like that took a little getting used to because we never did that back in the U.S.  Call it laziness or lack of a compost area outside, nevertheless, it was not “normal” engrained behavior.

But lo and behold – we are back to the U.S. of A. and what do we discover at our local Macy’s?  A countertop food waste canister, complete with sleek design and charcoal filter built into the lid to keep any odors at bay.   

Look at how cute that is (made by Simplehuman).  $60 at Macy’s (but we used a $10 off coupon).  We did spot later at Bed, Bath and Beyond a similar can for about half the price.

(Note to Micah’s mom: get this!)


This filter is supposed to fend off odors.  So far, so good.


We’ve only had this for two days now and our can is more than half-full.  With all the cooking we do, this was a perfect solution to throwing our veggie peels and food leftovers in the kitchen trash (which really makes for a stinky situation if you don’t take out the garbage daily – which we don’t since it doesn’t get full that often).

Since we were already used to this green behavior in Korea, it’s been an easy and quite useful addition to our US way of life. 

Oh…what do we do with the food waste when the can gets full?

The City of Seattle has these small size food and yard waste bins that get collected once a week.  Perfect for those living in condos or townhomes – like us!


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