Back home and it’s L.A.U.

Surprisingly, Micah and I have been living back in the U.S. for 47 days now.  And exactly one month in Seattle.  In our last few days left in Korea, I was sad about leaving.  We’d had such a wonderful experience and had made such amazing friends – and we were parting from that – a few thousand miles parting.

But since we’ve been back, it really does tend to be L.A.U. (life as usual).  We have a great place to live, Micah’s back to work (I’m working too – but more on that later), and we’ve been able to hang out and catch up with a lot of our friends (I know there’s many more we haven’t seen yet – sorry!). 

I was having lunch with some girlfriends yesterday and was asked, “What do you miss the most about Korea?  And what do you love most about being home?”  Hmm…not easy to answer. 

Miss the most about Korea:

I miss our friends – Korean and fellow English teachers alike.  I miss the food!  But there is something about the lifestyle I miss too.  There was something about the daily challenge of navigating the streets, language, culture that was exhilarating and exhausting – but always an adventure.  And I know I’ll eventually miss the ability to travel (with such relative easiness and low expense) to all these far away countries.  The travel opportunities Micah and I had are just not realistic now.

But…what do I love most about home?

English!  It’s amazing how much faster and easier things are when both people are English speakers. :-)  I also love having a place to live that has space, a queen size bed (as opposed to the twin Micah and I shared every day), watching football, the Food Network, and HGTV!  And of course, seeing our friends face to face.  It’s hard to articulate, but there is this nice feeling of comfort and relaxation that I didn’t quite feel in Korea.  Who knows how long that’ll last though. 🙂

I do hope eventually Micah and I will have another chance to live and work abroad.  It’s an unforgettable experience that’s impossible to really understand unless you’ve done something similar.

1 Response to “Back home and it’s L.A.U.”

  1. 1 Jessie October 12, 2010 at 3:29 pm

    Ha Ha! Love that my questions inspired a blog post! I can’t believe you and Micah shared a twin sized bed. That would break Dan and I up. We fight for space every night in our queen bed!

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