Non-stop please

As per my usual way of doing things, I have become one busy woman – most of it, of course, being my own fault of my own doing. 

Although I don’t have a corporate job at the current time, I am working…lots of working.

  • Job #1: My main “job” right now is working as an independent market research consultant.  All my work right now is for a small brand firm on the East Coast, but it’s been a good chance for me to dive back into market research…but in the comfort of my own home (and comfy sweat pants).  It’s a new thing for me, but so far it’s working out great and is currently picking up…a lot.  And I manage to be quite productive working from home.  I start promptly at 8:15am and work until 4:30pm or later everyday.  I only watch TV during my lunch – minimizing distractions are key for me.
  • Job #2: I also was hired by my friend to basically be her Organizer Extraordinaire (not an official title).  She is a super busy person, with a super chaotic schedule, and a super big house in need of some super-sized organization.  I had a little downtime between projects (which is now completely gone), so I’ve been spending many many hours going through her (and her husband’s stuff) and figuring out what to do with it: keep, donate, or trash – as well as, convince owner to donate or trash or  my personal favorite…just donate or trash without their knowingJUST KIDDING!  Well, sort of.  Hey…they’ve got A LOT of stuff…and junk!  We’ve made a lot of progress and I’m slowly starting to pull my time off that to dedicate to Job #1 (above) and Job #3 (below).
  • Job #3:  Unfortunately, this job doesn’t pay anything…and really it costs money…a lot of money to even have this job.  But a wedding doesn’t plan itself.  Let’s see here…yep, just about 3 months until our wedding.  Hmm.  We have a ton to do.  Oh, and that’s right – this is the start of the busiest time of year with Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, etc.  I’ve probably been slacking the most at this job (could be related to the point I made at the beginning) :-), but that will change soon!  Many many many things are underway, being ordered, printed, decided, painted, fitted, crafted, and paid for. 

So, my days are non-stop.  There’s hardly time for blogging…let alone reading all the blogs I subscribe to.  But as they say, “I’d rather be busy than bored.”  Ok, I really don’t know who “they” are – but…you get the point.  Off to work people! 🙂

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