3D or 3 Don’t?

Up in 3D = cool.

Avatar in 3D = awesome.

SAW in 3D = W.O.M. (waste of money)  – not to be confused with ‘word of mouth’


Yeah, yeah…it’s SAW, it’s supposed to be bad and cheesy.  I’ve only seen the first two in the series, but I decided to go with some friends to see the 3D installment.

SAW 3D was true to its gore/cheesy/bad acting formula.  Spot on there.  But the actual 3D part was completely unnecessary.  Sure, a few guts and blood flung my way – but that’s about it.   Most of the film was in 3D, but it didn’t matter because it wasn’t needed.  Just because a bunch of people standing in a room are in 3D – that doesn’t make the movie-going experience any better.  It was easy to tell the movie was never intended to be 3D, but they just threw it on at the end, knowing it was pointless – that’s the real horror of this movie! 🙂

Next time, I’m only going 3D if the movie was intended to be 3D from the start. Oh…and no more SAW movies – they really are awful.

By the way, I’m not alone in my view.  I recently read this article about movie director James Cameron (Avatar) and his comments about using 3D in movies.  I completely agree with him. 

Now, Harry Potter 3D – a do or don’t?  Hmmm.

1 Response to “3D or 3 Don’t?”

  1. 1 Jessie November 10, 2010 at 10:00 pm

    HA HA HA. In the Halloween spirit, I made Dan watch Saw 5 on Netflix instantplay. He fell asleep and it was SO bad! The first 2 were pretty good but you can only take the premise so far.

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