I braved the Harry Potter midnight mania and survived

I did it.  I’d never done it before.  But it’s Harry Potter I’m talking about.  Yes, Micah and I, plus three other friends stood in ridiculous lines to see the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.  We didn’t dress up as our favorite character, or debate at length which Hogwart’s House we belong to (as opposed to many of those standing near us), we didn’t even draw with black eyeliner the signature HP forehead scar.  How lame of us!  We were the nerds for NOT doing that! 


We did come prepared though.  We dressed in many layers (it’s been COLD in Seattle), and had hot chocolates (with a little extra somethin’ somethin’) ready to go (thanks Naomi!)…and we were at the theater at 10:30pm.  (Was that too early?  Too late?) 

So…we arrive to the movie theater to find out that they have been letting people in since 7:30pm.  They weren’t making people wait out in the cold, and all those before us were sitting snug in their auditorium seats (for hours) waiting for the start of the show.

However, there were waiting lines for two auditoriums that they hadn’t opened up yet.  POOF! I left Micah at the front while I raced to secure our place in line.  Yes, a line that already traversed the length of the super long hallway, and was wrapping around to the concession stands.  That line. 

Fortunately, even as a 10:30pm late arrival (what were we thinking? 10:30pm!? Of course that’s too late!  These are hardcore HP nerds we’re up against!) our position in line was decent/ok.  Merely minutes after me, the line continued to snake around down the stairs and beyond (haha…those suckers!)  Micah and our friends eventually met up with me in line (pissing off those behind us) and we proceeded to drink our snuck-in hot chocolates and roast in our layers and layers of clothes.

Once the lines were released, it was a strategic walk/run (but don’t race because that would be ultra-nerdy) to find our auditorium and find five seats together that were NOT in the very front row.  We walked in…scan, scan, scan…spotted!  Three rows back.  We claimed our property with our abundant scarves, hats, gloves, coats, sweatshirts, etc.  YES!  We did it.  There were so many unfortunate ones though, that were split up between different theaters and sitting in the very front row.  But you take what you can get.  It’s Harry Potter people.

I won’t proceed to review the movie – other than to say I really really liked it and…hmmm…I think it would freak the crap out of little kids. 

We got home and into bed around 3:30am.  And woke up at 7:30am to get our day started.  But it’s totally worth it!  For I am one of the first few…ok, first few million people to have seen the second to last Harry Potter flick. 

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