Snow is cool, ice is not

It snowed in Seattle (and surrounding areas) all day.  While pretty to look at, it caused HAVOC with Seattle drivers.  Luckily, I work from home.  My commute is about 10 seconds (walk from bedroom to office).  Micah, however, has to take the bus…which was significantly longer than his normal commute time…but still not too bad (he was able to come home early)

One guy on the news this morning said he was on the bus for 12 hours last night (to go about 25 miles).  I hope he went to the bathroom before boarding that bus.  By evening time, the snow had turned to ice and there were accidents abound on every freeway/highway in every direction.  Oh, and it was freaking cold…and still remains that way this morning.

I-5 pic

I-5 in Seattle…at only 4:30pm.  It got A LOT worse than this.

This morning, the roads remain icy and Seattle-ites are encouraged to stay home if they can.  So, Micah gets a snow day!  I get…a regular day.  :-) 

The weather should improve by Thanksgiving, which we hope is true.  Micah’s mom flies in Wednesday night from Hawaii, and his sister and her boyfriend come in Thursday morning. 

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