My perfect Apple Cup treat

This past Saturday was the annual Apple Cup football game – continuing the ever-growing, and ever-strengthening rivalry between the University of Washington and Washington State University (woo hoo!)

Of course, we had to celebrate with some fellow Cougs – as well as Husky fans too.

Coug ladies!  Apparently Regina and I were the only two TRUE Cougs at the party – as in we actually went to school there. But we welcome all the fan support we can get. Smile

No Apple Cup party is complete without some sweet treat.  One year, my friend Fox and I made Apple Cup…Cakes.  Literally, cupcakes with a slice of apple on top.  So clever we were.

This year, I decided to 1) make my friend’s favorite dessert and 2) be clever in doing so. 

I’ve made these a few times now – and they are always amazing.  Oreo Truffles.  So easy and seriously delicious! But this time, I followed this – and shaped and decorated the truffles into…footballs! 

It was a little rough at first perfecting our decoration technique.


Even Micah joined in on the decorating fun.

Yummy!  A touchdown in your mouth – I promise!

Well, to not drone on about the game – WSU lost!  It was a close one…and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it (not the losing part though).  And that means the Huskies get to go to a bowl game.  Whatever.  I’d rather make Oreo Truffles.  Smile  Happy sweets all!


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