Not married yet, but reaping the rewards!

We got our first wedding gift in the mail the other day.  It was a huge box from Macy’s and it had my name on it (enter questioning look from Micah).  Hmm…I didn’t order anything from Macy’s (redirect questioning look back to Micah).

Well, instead of just questioning each other – we just opened the box.

It’s a cast iron grill (which are awesome) and the most awesome rice cooker out there…a Zojirushi.  I guess it’s like the Ferrari of rice cookers. 

And like any potential Ferrari owner would do, we took our Zojirushi out for a spin…that night. 

Side note: We only did this after searching the web for wedding etiquette regarding the opening and use of wedding gifts given before the wedding.  It was a little fuzzy, but we opted to go for…use now (and of course, send immediate thank you note).  Smile

It’s seriously awesome.  It even plays a little tune for you when the rice is finished.  And (although not necessarily energy efficient), the rice cooker immediately starts a timer after the rice is cooked.  We can leave the cooked rice right in the machine and it will stay the perfect rice texture.  I’m talking even over 24 hours later.  Thus, eliminating the day-after rice texture that’s usually hard and crumbly (perfect for cooking fried rice, but not much else).

We love our new “wedding, but not quite married” gifts!  Thank you Scott and Esther! 


1 Response to “Not married yet, but reaping the rewards!”

  1. 1 Tera December 8, 2010 at 2:04 am

    awww…that puts my “Yan can cook” rice cooker to shame!! I must get one!!

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