Stuffing our stockings

Micah and I are being a bit of ba-hum bugs this Christmas.  We don’t have a tree (we at least had a small fake one in Korea), or any Christmas decorations in our house.  (Granted, we don’t really have the space to store any of it post-Christmas). 

But, I got this great idea from my friend – and now we are no longer barren of any Christmas hoopla. 

Ta da!  Look how cute they are!  And let’s not look at my un-showered, un-made up appearance.

We got some plain, red stockings from JoAnn’s and bought some felt squares in random colors.  Then we each went about creating a stocking for each other.  

Here’s what I made for Micah.  Go Team Snowmen!!  #8 is Micah’s favorite number and his actual football number from college.


Of course, Micah can just freehand everything, while I had to draw things out on paper, and then trace it onto the felt.  His natural talent and creativity is annoying something I love about the guy! 

We now have them hanging above our fireplace…ready to be filled with some goodies. 

1 Response to “Stuffing our stockings”

  1. 1 naomi landig December 15, 2010 at 5:04 pm

    JoAnn’s huh? Couldn’t handle the snobs at Pacific Fabric?

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