Cool things of 2010 – No. 11 & 12

#11. I get to work from home, for myself

As soon as I got back to Seattle, I had a great opportunity to do some independent market research consulting.  It’s something I hadn’t considered doing before, but it has worked out great.  No morning commute, no morning shower even…and working in my PJs.  And it’s given me a ton of flexibility to schedule in all sorts of other stuff – mainly wedding planning. 

But…it’s also unsteady income.  Luckily, all my benefits come with Micah’s job at Nordstrom. 

But that brings me to #12.  I got a full-time corporate job!

It was a whirlwind couple of weeks in December.  I had a couple of job opportunities and had to choose which way to go.  It wasn’t easy as both offers were great.  But, I ultimately chose…TMobile!  I start Jan. 18th!

I’ll still be doing market research but mainly focusing on ad and brand research (which is new for me…but new=growth).  I’m very excited and a little sad too…welcome back to morning commute, morning showers, and no more working in my PJs (although their dress code is fairly lax). Smile

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