Cool things of 2010 – No. 9

#9. Cooking with cast iron

Everyone raves about cast iron.  It cooks your food better, but weighs more than a newborn baby.  As much as we both like to cook – we never managed to get around to acquiring a cast iron pan…until recently.

Our current stock of cast iron = 3!!

1. Cast iron square grill pan


On the smaller side, but perfect for a dinner for two.  We got this one at Ross for a great price.  I think it’s a Wolfgang Puck line.

2. 12 inch cast iron skillet


Watch out…she’s a beast.  It’s heavy…really heavy, but a nice large size and all-purpose use since it’s a skillet and not a grill pan.  We got this one as an early wedding gift. Smile

3. Cast iron grill


This also was an early wedding gift.  We haven’t used it yet, but I always see the cooks on the Food Network use these grills.  It allows for year-round grilling without the reliance of a BBQ.  Plus, since it’s large and in charge – it’s great for entertaining.


The funny thing is – we literally got all three of these in the span of a couple of weeks.  But since they are supposed to last forver (yeah yeah with proper care), then they should be the only three we’ll need.  Cast iron is sooooooo cool!

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