My attempt to get on national TV

Yesterday was a HUGE day for Seattle sports.  The Seattle Seahawks beat the St. Louis Rams (16-6) and won the NFC West Division.  For those who don’t care or know much about football or Seahawks in general – all you need to know is that with this win, the Seahawks made the playoffs and get to play one more week of football…all with a losing record (7 wins and 9 losses).  It’s the first time in NFL history for a team with a losing record to make a playoff game.  Cool…but also not cool too.  Our division is pretty terrible.

Anyways, since the game was such a big deal – NBC decided to choose this game to air on its primetime  Sunday Night Football time slot.  Thus, the original day game became a night game…but with national TV coverage (the whole country gets to watch the Seahawks play).

And…we had tickets to the game!  With such a big game…and one that I was going to, I decided I wanted to do something.

I decided I’d make a big sign – and try and get on Sunday Night Football.  My rationale…no particular reason…just because.  A mini-challenge if you will. 

A little brainstorming session with Micah resulted in the following sign “must-haves” in order for it to be attention-worthy of the TV cameras:

  • Must have the NBC logo prominently displayed (figured it would better my chances of getting noticed since it promotes the network)
  • Must use ‘N’ ‘B’ ‘C’ in some creative acronym-way
  • Must be clever
  • Must use color
  • Must be foldable (so it’s easy to carry)

So, here’s my step-by-step of making a “try to get on TV football sign”

1. Figure out what you are going to say, what images you want to use, what size the words need to be, layout, etc.  Keep in mind it needs to all be fairly big so that it’s easy to see from afar (especially given the fact our seats were WAY WAY up there).  And it should be fun and fan-friendly!

2. Print out the words on paper.  I don’t have good enough “skills” to freehand block letters, so this was the next best thing.

I used an old school technique of tracing the printed letters (using pencil) first on the back side of the paper, and then placing the paper on the sign, and tracing the letters but this time on the right side.  Your pencil marks will transfer onto the sign, giving you perfect letters to color in.

2. Transfer the letters onto the sign and start coloring in.

You can see the awesome Kitchen Aid mixer Zoe (Micah’s sister) sent to us already for our wedding…and the cupcake carrier from our friend Courtney!

3. Have friends come over for general hanging out…and then SURPRISE attack – get them to help you.

Thanks Jessica and Rory!

4. Take a picture with the completed sign to see how it looks on camera.

Hmm…is it perfect?

5. Have fiance’ put any final finishing touches on the sign since you are tired of working on it.

And voila – you have a perfect sign!

Unfortunately, despite me holding this sign during EVERY timeout (complete with jumping up and down), I never did make it on the stadium’s big jumbo TV.  And I’m pretty sure we didn’t make it on the actual football broadcast either – as nobody has told us otherwise. Sad smileOh well, it was still fun and such a great game!  Plus, we were a hit with all the Seahawks fans.  TONS of people were asking to take pictures of my sign.

3 Responses to “My attempt to get on national TV”

  1. 1 Lindsay Paquette January 12, 2011 at 7:03 pm

    Jason’s sister is also a vegetarian, so for our Christmas morning biscuits and gravy I made a normal batch and a veggie friendly version. The one thing I noticed on the veggie crumbles was that the amount of sodium in them was pretty high for not a lot in the serving size. The taste (for me) was off, but at least I can still make my traditional Christmas breakfast for them as well 🙂

  2. 2 Lindsay Paquette January 12, 2011 at 7:04 pm

    erm… that’s weird, this was supposed to be posted on a different entry – oops, sorry!!!

  1. 1 TV try #2 « Much Ado About Lisa Trackback on December 4, 2011 at 8:12 pm

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