Got the munchies, go to Menchie’s!

I  have a new sugary love…yes, yes, this is in addition to all my regular, growing list of sugary loves. 

A couple weeks ago I visited the latest (and might I add best) frozen yogurt (froyo for short) shop to open in the Seattle area.  Menchie’s!!!  Sure, there’s Red Mango – which I thought I loved.  And the very desperate and completely forgotten about TCBY.  Plus, you have your regular ice cream shops like Baskin Robbins and Coldstone Creamery. 

Menchie’s beats all those by a mile!  I visited the Seattle Queen Anne location on a Sunday night…and it was packed!  It’s a self-serve froyo establishment – meaning you grab an empty cup and fill it with whatever amounts of each flavor of froyo you want.  There’s endless free samples, so you can try out the flavors you want (or don’t want). 


I’m not sure how many flavors there are to choose from, but it’s a lot – and it’s hard to narrow it down!  Find flavors like cake batter, taro, tart, blueberry, cheesecake, choc peanut butter, and on and on.  YUM!

After you choose your froyo(s), you move on to the toppings station.  Whoa.  Don’t be overwhelmed…embrace the choices.  You have an endless variety of fresh fruit, candy bar pieces, nuts, cereal, etc. etc.  It’s pretty awesome.


So many toppings, so little space left in my bowl!  Unlike other self-serve froyo places, the toppings here are easy to get to, and don’t get all mixed in with one another.

The harsh reality comes when you put your once empty bowl (but now solidly-filled with the results of your indecision)  on the scale.  Yep, a pay by the ounce kind of place.  But I like that much better than Red Mango…where you pay by the topping and you have no choice as to how much/little of that topping you get.  Grrr.

Additionally, it’s hard to explain but the atmosphere in the shop is so fun and inviting.  It’s a great place to meet up with some friends and chat over a chocolate-candy laden bowl (well, that’s me) of froyo. 


Can you pick out which one is mine?  Look for all the chocolate candy bits!!

I was so enamored by my visit to Menchi’s that I did a little bit of prelim research to see if they do franchise out.  They do.  How many other locations in this area? Four (Federal Way and Queen Anne open now.  Soon to open in U-Village and Lynnwood)How much does it cost to open your own franchise location?  Uh….yeah.  Average start up cost is $385k!!!!!  Nonetheless, I requested an info packet anyway!  Hee hee!!

1 Response to “Got the munchies, go to Menchie’s!”

  1. 1 April 14, 2011 at 2:32 am

    We have one in Hawaii, ward center and another opening in Kapolei by two young Punahou girls.

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