Work is killing my Chicago time

I’m in Chicago right now – for a very quick work-related trip.  I happen to love Chicago (I must admit I’ve never gone during the epic Chicagoan winters though) – and was quite excited to get a chance to  enjoy the city.  Unfortunately, in my 2+ days/nights here – I have already exhausted my free time!  I did at least make the most of it by seeing my friend Kate and her boyfriend Greg.  Kate moved to Chicago while we were still in Korea – so it was awesome to see a friend and enjoy a great Indian dinner (oh and a yummy dessert at a nearby place).

I had visions of doing a little lot of eating and some shopping – but my day has been more about work work work.  The one thing about being in an earlier time zone – you not only work the hours of the time zone you are currently in, but the hours of the “home” office.  

Fortunately, in my previous trips to Chicago – I’ve had the chance to eat at many of the Chicago fave places and shop the Magnificent Mile.  If I’m lucky…I’ll get a chance to bring some Garrett’s Popcorn home.  That stuff is the legal equivalent of crack!  SOOOO awesome!

1 Response to “Work is killing my Chicago time”

  1. 1 Mom April 20, 2011 at 7:05 pm

    When do you have to head back? Glad that you could catch up with your friends. The Garrett Popcorn reminds me of the many flavors that were offered at Northtown back in the ’80’s. Have a handful for me:)

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