New worthless pence

Did you know there’s a new penny out?  (FYI: the plural for penny can be ‘pennies’ or ‘pence’)

It looks like this:


Hmmm.  What do you think? 

My initial reaction – the penny has gone comic book on us, just like all the Hollywood movies lately.  Yeah, yeah, it’s not a superhero shield but rather a shield representing the Union.  But it looks a bit superhero-ish, doesn’t it?

Anyways, the real reason for my penny post – we recently met a friend of a friend who is from Australia.  She couldn’t understand what’s up with all our coin currency – in particular the penny.  She really felt it was absolutely worthless and unnecessary (FYI: In Australia, the lowest coin amount starts at 10 cents.  And if your purchase totals to $9.98…it’s just rounded to $10.  An agreed upon standard in the land of Oz.)

I was about to disagree with her and exclaim the merits of the penny – when, I realized…she was right!  The best reasons for the penny came down to:

penny slots    No pennies, no penny slot machines.



Without pennies, how else will we remember our favorite tourist destinations?


The saying, “penny for your thoughts” wouldn’t be relevant anymore.  But do we keep the penny just so we can keep the catch phrase?

Really, isn’t it time we do away with this nuisance?  In fact, on my run tonight…I happened to run by a somewhat “seedier” area and passed by a parking lot where it looked like someone dumped a good handful of pennies on the ground.  No one cared to pick them up…and believe me, there are definitely people in this area who might benefit from a little extra change.

So, please tell me what I might happen to be missing here.  What makes sense about the pence?  Smile

1 Response to “New worthless pence”

  1. 1 Tera May 6, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    Haven’t you heard of Penny Can and what about poor Lincoln??

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