We beat the bridge, but we did not keep our feet dry

Our friends Tarah and Anthony, along with myself ran the Nordstrom-sponsored Beat the Bridge 8k (about 5 miles) race this morning.  In typical Seattle fashion – it was raining pouring.  It didn’t make for the best running conditions, but we managed to still make it through to the finish line (soaking wet from head to toe)…and then on to a much-deserved huge ol’ breakfast (complete with chocolate chip pancakes)


We decided to run this race together, which was fine with me since I figured I could try and push them a little harder.  We did great!  We finished in 45:53…just about 9:15/miles. 

I’m super proud of them!  In addition to keeping up with half marathon training, I’ll be looking for a good 10k or 12k for them to run this summer.  Our other friend Aaron, will rejoin the gang shortly (he’s been out letting his fractured elbow heal)

And in case you are wondering, yes – this was a Nordstrom-sponsored race, but that doesn’t mean Micah was any bit interested in participating…as a runner!  Instead, he donated some money in my name and was our chauffeur Smile

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