Bachelorette party, yurt-style

Just came back from a super fun overnighter bachelorette party for my friend Karen.  (She was a bridesmaid in our wedding and I’m one in hers in…just about a month from now).

She opted for a girl’s getaway filled with wine tasting, delicious food eating, yoga and…yurts at Cave B Inn, which is located on the Cave B Estate Winery in Eastern Washington near Quincy, WA.

I’ve never stayed in a yurt before, and really – didn’t know what one looked like.  I can’t say all yurts out there are quite as luxurious as the ones we stayed in though.


YURTS! It’s basically a hybrid of a small wood cabin + tent.  Some have electricity (ours did), some include bathrooms (ours did), and some even have TVs (ours did not).


Inside our yurt.  It was surprisingly big.  It had a queen bed, plus a leather semi-sectional sofa to the side, mini-fridge, and small table.

And check out the bathroom! It’s huge!! (The toilet is hidden but to the right).  This sucker is bigger than our own master bath!

So those were our yurts. Really fun way to go. They were a bit of a hike from the main parts of the winery and inn – which made it a pain to drop off your bags since we couldn’t park cars near there. 

For those who aren’t so yurty – Cave B did also have actual nice, bedroom units that dot the hillside and have an amazing view of the Columbia River.

IMAG0081We learned that this whole region was carved out in only 129 years by the melting and subsequent flooding of a massive glacier in Missoula, MT (some 13,000+ years ago).  The virulent floodwaters carved out the series of canyon-like channels that are abundant in this region.  Normally, extreme landscape change such as this would take thousands of years…so 129 is pretty damn spectacular!

Ok, less nerd – more summary of the weekend.  I’ll just touch on the highlights.

Group yoga: Upon arrival, about eight of us did some 90 min of group yoga.  We had our own private instructor and he led us through a series of common and not so common yoga moves.  It was fun and very low key and relaxing (there wasn’t the pressure of having to be a perfect yogi).  

Wine tour: After checking in to our yurts – and having the weather take a serious sour turn, we embarked on our private wine tour.  The really awesome thing was having the owner of the estate lead the tour for us girls. He gave us lots of really interesting stories of his estate, education about wine and wine-related geography and was fascinating to listen to.  I will impart one of his educational tidbits upon you:

  • A wine estate refers to a winery in which the grapes are grown and harvested on the property, and the wine is made and bottled on the property.  A 100% internal operation from start to finish.  Pretty cool.
  • Okay, one more thing. In the U.S. (with its vast ability to import wines from pretty much every region in the world), there are about 80,000+ wines that consumers can choose from.  Ouch – that’s some harsh competition.

Wine blending: After our tour, we went to the tasting room where we had the opportunity to blend our own wines and eat cheese and crackers.  Since my wine knowledge is quite limited, I just enjoyed sampling the different wines – and let others play mixologist. 

Mix away! Or do as I did…drink a little of this, with a little of that. Smile

Dinner: We moved on to dinner-time, despite stuffing ourselves silly with previous activity’s cheese and crackers.  Our dinner consisted of a three-course AMAZING dinner – each paired with different wines. It was so much fun and each course was seriously awesome.

Bachelorette festivities!  Sorry, what happens in Karen’s yurt, stays in Karen’s yurt. Smile  We opened some gifts, played some party-appropriate games, and stuff like that.  Oh, and got about five noise warnings.  Seriously, these yurts have ZERO sound minimizing ability…but we were having a party, and we’d been drinking wine for the past four hours!

Spa time: The following morning, some girls opted for massages at the spa (myself included).  It was so nice and relaxing!

Pool time: The weather was hot and sunny for oh…long enough for me to decide to go to the pool and lay down for about 15 minutes.  Then it got cloudy and cold.


That’s all folks.  A super fun weekend for a super fun bachelorette!


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