I tried, but I quit!

No…this isn’t about my job (so please rewind and take back that mini-OMG you said/thought just now)Smile

Sorry for the teaser – but this post is about my book club pick.  It’s a doozy.  Long, jumpy, hard to follow, and not much of a hook to keep me reading.

The book:

The Lacuna

Sorry if you love this author and/or book.

Rarely do I quit on books, especially if it’s a book club selection – but I put in a valiant effort (I’d say about 100 pages) and I’m getting no closer to liking it and it certainly feels like, no closer to the end.

I feel a bit bad about throwing in the towel – I mean, I did pay $10 for this on my Kindle. But a quick check with a couple of my book club friends – and I found I wasn’t alone.  They had quit on it long ago. 

So time to move on! 

Current reads:

Micah and my couple’s book club selection:

making marriage work









No time like the present to get started on some good healthy marriage habits. Smile  We’ve both started the book – and for me, I find it really fascinating and useful.

My personal reading:

girl who played with fire 

This is the second in a trilogy. I read the first and liked it mostly. I’m willing to give the second book a go.

Since I’m not wasting spending anymore time on my book club book reading…I can do a bit of for fun reading.

Are you a Lacuna lover?  Am I missing something?  I’d love to know!

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