Our staycation vacation

Gosh, Memorial Day weekend feels like forever ago!!!  Micah and I opted to stay put and not travel anywhere too far.  But we still wanted to make the most of our extended weekend.  So…we headed up north and spent one night at the Tulalip Casino and Resort. 

We’ve visited there a couple of times, but never really had a need to stay overnight at the quite fancy hotel.  But the long weekend (plus upcoming crazy work travel) was a perfect opportunity for some Micah and Lisa time – and only a short drive away.

We were able to check-in early and get a head start on our little staycation.  The rooms at the resort are pretty amazing.  Soft, comfy beds and linens, modern décor, flat screen TV, and a full-body shower….so awesome.


Super large rooms with a super large bed.


The bathroom is seriously a show-stopper. 

We settled in, and actually went straight to the fitness center for a little pre-gambling workout.  And then spent some time swimming in their indoor pool and soaking in the bubbly hot tub.  Very relaxing.

The rest of the day we did a little bit of shopping at the nearby outlet mall, relaxed, read my book, and of course…did a bit of gambling.  Unfortunately, the gambling part was a quite short-lived as the blackjack tables just had it out for us.  No love there.  So we cut short our losses and got outta there.

Even though we stayed for only one night, and there isn’t too much to do there beside shop, eat, and gamble – we had a fantastic time.  It was a fun change of scenery and we took full advantage of our relax time. 

We plan to do this sort of “getaway” at least once every few months.  It doesn’t have to be far – but just do something a little bit new and spend some QT with each other (ahem, quality time).

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