Killer artichokes

Artichokes…tasty vegetables, but a lot of work for such little payoff.  So all of my artichoke encounters are in the form of dips or already jarred artichoke hearts.  Until recently.

Motivated by some friends who raved and raved about the ease and deliciousness of fresh artichokes, I decided to give it a whirl.  We bought some at Costco and decided we’d cook them on the grill.

Upon prepping these suckers (to boil them first), we realized they have thorns on them!  That might be a “duh” for you, but we were completely surprise attacked! How rude!!


Each of the outer leaves are adorned with a sharp thorn!

Too bad we outsmarted them in the end…and with the use of a tasty lemon garlic olive oil dip – we ate them right up!  That’s what they get for poking the hell out of us!

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