More Kit Kat love

My friend Katie took a trip (her second) to Japan…and the dear friend that she is…brought some goodies back for me!! 

And these aren’t just any goodies.  She brought back an impressive array of…KIT KATS!!! 

I’m a kid in a Kit Kat candy store!

Most regular readers know that I have somewhat of a “thing” for Kit Kats.  And Japan is the King of Kit Kats (KKK if you will…oh wait, strike that).  Japan is the Leader of Kit Kats (LKK…that’s a little better, I guess).  This country, single-handedly, has the largest variety of different-flavored Kit Kat candy bars.  Seriously, Aloe Vera flavor Kit Kat?  Soy Sauce Kit Kat?  Hmm.

Here are some delicious ones from Katie’s bounty:

Tiramisu.  Yum.

Blueberry cheesecake.  Double yum.

Green tea.  Triple yum.  (My personal favorite.  Come on Kit Kat peeps…bring this to the US!!!)

Thanks Katie!!!!!  You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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