Parenting 101 by Tera & Co.

We just had the best (almost) two weeks.  Micah and I got to see Tera and Co. – which of course includes a first time in-person meeting of my niece, Olivia…as well as hanging out with 2 year-old Isabella, and we even got to see Brian for a bit.


Hello cutie pie!  She’s 5 months old and for the most part a pretty chill baby.  She just LOVES LOVES LOVES smiling.

I’ll post more recaps of our short, but super fun-filled days.  Micah and I definitely had a good dose of parenting reality (and even then, not really since we still had to go to work everyday and Tera was always there to do the hard stuff).

A few things we learned from our time with Isabella and Olivia (in all fairness, this is mostly Isabella-related since Olivia doesn’t do much quite yet):

  1. Your day revolves around nap time…not the rising or setting of the sun, but the critical period of time around noon to 2 or 3 pm.
  2. Days leading up to weekends are focused on finding entertaining things to do that are age appropriate, not too expensive, not too far from home, and in some way accounts for #1 above.
  3. Your weekends are then filled executing #2 above.
  4. Potty-trained 2-year olds can and will use this against you (learned from three consecutive trips running Isabella to a bathroom because she had “the have to go potty” look and the “have to go poo poo” moves).
  5. Kids really, REALLY will repeat everything you say.  Luckily for us, this didn’t involve any swearing.  But I was able to get Isabella to go up to Micah and say “Micah…entertain us.”  (One of my personal regular requests I have of Micah).
  6. Bed time is not actually bed time. 
  7. Storytime before bed time is never just one book, or…two books.
  8. Mealtimes…almost always involve some form of negotiating, bargaining, convincing, persuading, and typically end in…commanding (which is sometimes accompanied by crying little 2 year olds).
  9. I am not so good at being stern.
  10. Micah is very good at being stern.
  11. Sleep…is a precious commodity.


Isabella stacking Micah’s Mr. Beer kit ingredients.  Such a good helper!

Once I download more pics…I’ll post more about their awesome visit!

1 Response to “Parenting 101 by Tera & Co.”

  1. 1 Anonymous August 3, 2011 at 12:46 am

    The next lesson will entail Micah and Lisa **gasp** ALONE with the girls!! It was such a great visit, can’t wait to have Micah entertain us again 🙂

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