Newest member to the team

Remember WAYYYYYYYYY (add or subtract the “Ys” as you see fit) back in elementary/middle school?  I’ll give you a moment to think.  Tick, tock, tick, tock.  Ok, one of my favorite PE activities back then was…KICKBALL!  Kick a ball, run around bases, peg people with the ball to tag them out…ah, love it. 

Well, Micah and I, and a number of other friends are playing in a Sunday co-ed kickball league.  It’s super fun!!  Plus, it’s an easy game to play, and doesn’t take much energy – perfect for getting in some outdoor love on a Sunday afternoon.


We are actually a fairly decent team.  One loss, and five wins…so far!


Go Team Oskar’s! Our team got sponsored by Oskar’s Kitchen (which former Sonic Shawn Kemp owns).  I’m absent from pic above – was on a plane at the time.

While Tera & Co. were in town last week, we had a kickball game to play.  We thought we’d try and recruit our own Isabella to join.


Don’t worry Isabella, the cutoff sleeve is just part of the uniform!  Hmm…now to find you a shirt….and shorts.



I think she is super excited to come play with us!



Ah…nevermind.  You stay home then.  There’s no crying in kickball!  P.S. You need a shirt.

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